Watch Care Guide

At we know you want to take the very best care of your vintage timepiece so we have made a quick care list for you.

1. It is best practice to keep your watch away from water no matter what the rating on the watch says. Gaskets and seals can dry out over time making the seal on your watch not as water resistant as it once was. Rather than chance damaging your precious timepiece, avoid water. A splash here and there may not damage it, but you might want to avoid swimming with it ;-)

2. If you are not wearing your watch everyday, it is a good idea to take it out and wind it up if it is a manual watch, or if it is an automatic, move the watch back and forth by hand to help wind it up and allow the movement to start working. Doing so helps to keep the watch lubricated, and keeps the lubrication from drying out. This will help with the longevity of your watch. You don’t need to do this everyday, but don’t let the watch sit for months with out doing so.

3. Be careful when taking on and off, and winding your watch. Accidents do happen, and dropping your watch is something you don’t want to do. You can easily scratch or ding your watch, and even worse damage the movement with an unplanned shock. It is also advised that if you are winding your manual watch you take it off your wrist. Winding the watch on your wrist can put uneven stress on the crown.

4. Keep your watch clean. A soft cloth or micro fiber cloth work great for cleaning debris and oils off your watch. A damp cloth can be used lightly if you have a stubborn piece of debris that won’t come off, but use sparingly, and avoid using soap.

5. Avoid contact with Magnets! Magnets can impair your watches timekeeping ability.

6. Don’t leave your timepiece in the sun for extended periods of time. Extended periods of exposure to sunlight can fade parts of your watch.

7. While watch crystals are durable and can be repaired and replaced, it is best practice to avoid banging or scratching them during wear.

8. Lastly, for vintage Seiko 56xx series Lord Matic LM watches, it is important when setting the date that you position the watch hands between 3(After) and 9(Before) to avoid damaging the date quickset set mechanism.

With all that said, get out there and enjoy your watch!